Use Nudges dog treats from @Walmart to teach your dog how to ring a bell to let you know when he has to go outside! #NudgeThemBack #ad

Now, I am certainly no expert on dog behavior or raising a puppy, but I will gladly talk about what worked for us during the puppy stages. And one of the best decisions we ever made was to teach Fletcher to ring a bell when he has to go outside. Even better, it was probably the easiest thing we’ve taught him, too!

The way our home is laid out, we can’t see our front entryway from the greater part of the regions on the principal floor, including from the family room, which is the place we invest the vast majority of our energy. This wasn’t an issue when we initially began housebreaking Fletcher, since we kept him gated in the kitchen and lounge room with us. In any case, once he was totally housebroken and we began releasing him anyplace on the principal floor, we began seeing that he would now and again have mischances comfortable front entryway, on the grounds that the poor little person would be quietly sitting by the front entryway sitting tight for us to take him out, however we didn’t know since we couldn’t see him.

So when he was around 4 months old, I chose to chime prepare him. All you have to ringer prepare your pooch is a chime, some canine treats, and a lot of persistence.

 got a large jingle bell around Christmas at Joann Fabrics; but if itsyou should be able to find a similar one at a craft store or online. I just hung it from the doorknob on the front door, the door where we take him in and out. 

We’re trying to eat healthier in our house, and it’s important to me that Fletcher eats well too, especially during any kind of training. Training involves pretty much a constant stream of treats, so you want to use ones that are easy on the dog’s tummy, but that they will do anything to get.I’m pretty sure Fletcher would sell our entire family in order to get his Nudges. 

Use Nudges dog treats from @Walmart to teach your dog how to ring a bell to let you know when he has to go outside! #NudgeThemBack #ad

I got the Chicken and Steak Grillers, as well as the Beef & Cheese Sizzlers. I love them because they’re relatively big, so they’re great for random treats, but they’re also soft, so they’re easy to break into smaller pieces for training.

When you begin the ringer preparing, you have to remember a couple of things. In any case, when you hang that ringer, you have to take the puppy out at whatever point he rings it. Regardless of whether you know he’s simply playing with it or just went out 30 seconds prior, he needs to discover that the chime implies it’s a great opportunity to go outside and go potty. That is it. {This would be the place the tolerance part kicks in.} Fletcher got onto that before long, in spite of the fact that he still infrequently utilizes it for consideration or when I go upstairs or {heaven forbid} into the restroom and allow him to sit unbothered. So it’s most likely a smart thought to sit tight for a pleasant day, and not a cold week in the dead of winter, as we did.

Second, he needs to ring the chime each and every time he goes outside. For the initial couple of times, you’ll have to enable him to ring it, either with his nose or with his paw. We instructed Fletcher to hit it with his nose by tenderly moving his make a beeline for the chime. The second the ringer makes a sound, adulate him like insane, and out he goes. In the event that he pees or craps inside 2 or 3 minutes, of course commend him like he simply cured polio and give him a couple little bits of Nudges. In the event that he doesn’t go, convey him back inside and hold up to rehash the entire procedure whenever he rings the chime.

It’s important to remember to only give him the treat when he goes potty, not when he rings the bell, because otherwise, you’ll be listening to a constant stream of jingle bells, and it will likely drive you insane.

Use Nudges dog treats from @Walmart to teach your dog how to ring a bell to let you know when he has to go outside! #NudgeThemBack #ad

I could not believe how quickly Fletcher caught onto the bell. Within about 8-12 hours of introducing it for the first time, he walked up to the front door, rang the bell and sat down. When I took him out, he immediately peed, and I just about threw him a ticker-tape parade. Even now, a few months later, I still get so proud when he rings the bell to go out.  




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