The number one dog training secret is:
There are no dog training secrets.

Seriously. None. There are no underground initiation ceremonies where ancient wisdom is handed down to new trainers. We don’t pass each other on the street wearing trench coats and subtly exchange manila envelopes containing the latest canine research.

Damn. That actually sounds like it would be kind of cool… but I digress.

Do a Google search and you’ll see statements like this:

“The truth the pet experts don’t want you to know!”

“Top ten dog training secrets revealed!”

These messages have more to do with clever marketing techniques than clever dog training techniques. If you do a little digging into the methods that these gurus claim are so secret, they always turn out to be the same stuff that the rest of us use. (Either that, or it’s something so off-the-wall that it prompts reactions like, “WTF? Dude, were you high when you came up with that?”)

The terrible news is that there is no mystery preparing method that will transform your pooch into an ideal heavenly attendant in ten minutes.

Fortunately all the data you have to transform your pooch into an immaculate holy messenger, with a tad of work, is out there. Furthermore, reality?

The genuine truth?

The specialists truly do need you to know how to utilize it.

Presently on the off chance that you’ll pardon me, I have to go purchase a trench coat.




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